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P.O. Box 31192, Alexandria, VA 22310

Coming to Alexandria, VA!

I am the PROUDEST pet parent of Sweet Pea, whom I rescued in 1995 from a pound when she was less than one month old.

There are no words to describe the joy she has brought me through the decades. Her companionship has been nothing short of life-changing.

In honor of our more than 20 years together, I am celebrating our lives by being a catalyst in bringing the joy of pet-parenting to others.




At pHinicky pHeline cat café, our goal is to foster engaging experiences between you and our felines. We encourage and facilitate meaningful interactions with the goal of finding great, forever homes for our furry friends.


What makes our café unique is our focus not only on our "cats & coffee" but also on our "whiskers & wine": we plan to offer tastings in the evenings.

Additionally, we encourage senior citizens to visit our café (on a designated day/time) where they can enjoy our cats' companionship. We understand that many can no longer own a pet and we want to ensure they still have an opportunity to spend quality time with and enjoy loving animals.  

pHancy that!