P.O. BOX 31192, ALEXANDRIA, VA 22310

I was the PROUDEST pet parent of Sweet Pea, whom I rescued in 1995 from a pound when she was less than one month old.

There are no words to describe the joy she brought me through the decades. Her companionship had been nothing short of life-changing.

​Sweet Pea peacefully passed away in 2016. In honor of our more than 20 years together, I am celebrating our union by being a catalyst in bringing the joy of cat-companionship and pet-parenting to others.



​pHinicky pHeline is a retail collectibles line (and future cat café) for feline lovers and enthusiasts. You can demonstrate your love for cats by showcasing fun and expressive items -- and profits go toward the opening of the café! ​

Via our online store, feline fans can shop and buy exclusive pH-branded items for both themselves and their fur babies including coffee mugs, t-shirts, cat collars, baby bibs, pet snack jars and more, with new items being added frequently.

In the café, we will foster engaging experiences between guests and our felines; encouraging and facilitating meaningful interactions with the goal of finding  forever homes for the cats. Additionally, our café will focus not only on our "coffee & cats" but also on our "wine & whiskers", as we plan to offer tastings in the evenings.